Talking with my specs on #8

Hello, I hope you have been enjoying the lit series called Adrenala's Misty Tales Check out my Internship experience on India's largest platform here. I enjoyed making it as it was created spontaneously which goes with my personality. Simple & sophisticated. Falling in love with my own self. Few days back I shared my experience … Continue reading Talking with my specs on #8


Adrenalas’s Misty Tales #3

To know what happened in Adrenalas's Misty Tales #2 click here (The rooftops are high, the sky is smudging grey in hue and there is that wind flowing through her spectacular body.) Adrenala is up from her dream which she really loved and felt. Felt in such a way that she is feeling fresh 9X … Continue reading Adrenalas’s Misty Tales #3