Section 497

My nation have welcomed another decision which says adultery is no more a crime. Having an extra marital affair isn't a crime. If the partner attempts a suicide and the reason is the partner adultery then it is considered as a crime. Otherwise Chalne do!! Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional section 497 of IPC … Continue reading Section 497


Daughter’s Day!! | turning20web

Being a daughter She is Adorable And She is risky to have Just because she has a vagina She is your reputation And Now Being your competition Being a daughter She is taking in, what not!! It knots up her thoughts Sometimes.. Let her be free.... Let her think the way she wants to.. Being … Continue reading Daughter’s Day!! | turning20web

Failure is better teacher than success | turning20web

                                        When someone have guts to start something or to do something then only one can probably fail. Success is the fruit of lot more stories in between the whole journey towards goal. Every successful person on this earth have known failures. Life have showed him what exactly hitting the rock bottom meant and felt … Continue reading Failure is better teacher than success | turning20web