Talking about silence | turning20web

Hey!! I hope that the month is being good with you. And you are being good to yourself too.. Because you are reading this article. And That Makes Me Happy!!! They say silence have secrets, They say silence can avoid lots of fights, They say if you are quiet then you keep lots of stupid … Continue reading Talking about silence | turning20web


Bitter stance | turning20web

Hey!! We get admission first in school and there we are kids and later we get at the college. We are students!! But there are hardships. There are facts. We have to accept it & move ahead! All these makes us feel that we have turned into  a bitter person. A person which can't be … Continue reading Bitter stance | turning20web

Window love

Didn't thought ever A window could show me the universe out there.. The day and night... Birds flying.. And inside... Your firm hands on my waist... Soft tune and sensual beats... Which raises my heart beats.. Making those moves.. Driving me crazy.. Your stare is melting me... In your arms.. Right there!! At the window.. … Continue reading Window love