Kiss day!!!!!!πŸ’‹

Hi!! I hope you are enjoying the week and have maked up your mind to give promise which are true and real.

Now!! Next is the day where the lips are going to work. And maybe you can use that chocolate S!! And maybe you can create the most promising moments of your lives just with a ‘kiss’!! Yeah!! It’s the Kiss day!!

“Kiss me and you will see how important I’m” -Sylvia

Kiss and tell your feeling in the most passionate way. Lovers!!

When we are attracted to someone we do feel like kissing them. That’s the good facial exercise. And stimulates the oxytoxin, dopamine, vasopressin and adrenaline. You get happy by just thinking about him, don’t you? So, all these hormones are stimulated and you feel that urge. We women tend to see kissing as the most intimate. But guys want to make love to us and they think that a kiss will always lead to an kissing the vertical lips.

So!! What happens when you kiss?

Share with me your views…

Kiss and tell!! πŸ˜‰

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Take care



Promise day!!


So, you got red rose, yellow one or white? Let me know. So who gave you or did you gave the rossy rose to him? How you did it? Woohoo..!!

So, it’s promise day next.I mean after teddy day. Where the lovers promise each other the vows sort off. We shall know that we shall not make false promises to each other, they need to be practical. Both of the lovers, doesn’t matter it’s male or female. Playing with emotions and making wrong promises can be bad. You can promise various things. Why the ‘promise’ is important. Promising people are Treasure in our lives. It creates intimacy. And if you fulfill the promise it can be the beautiful feeling for him. Promising anything to him shall not affect your freedom at all. And the main promise we give is being there for him forever. What illusion or a sort off delusion we create. That hope which emerges which creates more closeness between. Promises!! Rules!! Are they maked just to break. When in love there are no rules but I guess there are promises.

1) Promise him that whatever happens you will be friends with him.

2) A promise to never get angry if call or reply isn’t given.

3) A promise of not taking each other for granted.

4) A promise to love even in worst situations.

5) A promise to be a lifetime cheerleader.

6) A promise to give hug. A promise to be a shoulder to cry on.

Plug in the earphones!!

Take care..

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Teddy day!!


I know you were waiting for the next post for the Valentine’s week .As you and me are waiting for the next day as it comes… So after licking that hot 🍫 on chocolate day it’s time to convert him /or else he is just like a teddy bear. Whatever size he falls into, he is your teddy bear!! Teddy! It’s not important to behave in a tidy way with your teddy. Smash him, hug him tight, sleep over him, let him sleep above you, do some ku-chi-koo…!!

So, it’s teddy day! The next!! And he or you may give each other teddy. Maybe you don’t like that artificial teddy so… Use him!! Well!! Remember teddies are created to make us happy!! Get happier!! Who’s gonna stop you…

Be happy!!

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We will talk more.πŸ™‚

Take care!!

Chocolate day!! 🍫


Chocolates make us happy. The scientific studies also show that the hormone responsible for feelings like love and warmth accelerates when we eat chocolate. So the Valentine’s week is incomplete without eating chocolates. Give it to him. Chocolates which includes nuts, jelly sort off. What if you splash the melted 🍫 and eat it ,lick it…? Romantic! What if, he gives you tons of chocolate from white to dark. Each one comes with different flavors. Also to add those message having chocolates can drive us crazy, Right? A chocolate bouquet, what say? So, let bring cheerfulness all around and eat chocolate and give. Share chocolate not only with your lover but with kids and elders too. We aim speeding love…!!

Let me know,

Your chocolate moments..


Take care..


Propose day!!

Yipee!!So, you got red rose, yellow one or white? Let me know. So who gave you or did you gave the rossy rose to him? How you did it? Woohoo..!!

Now next is propose day!! When you say your feeling out loud to him. You feel your heart pumping with excitement. But anyways you say it. Today if you say it you are the hero for yourself. Every girl and boy shall propose and shall never be afraid of rejection. Expressing is never a bad idea. So how you propose him/her?

Even though he doesn’t say it creating a hype. But with just a question and a ring or something like that. It’s okay!! Feelings matter. If you want him for your rest of your life say yes!! Never feel bad just because you can’t create the air on your social media account. It’s the intimate moment between you. Treasure it!! The world will come to know. Dive into the moment.

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Rose day!!

Hi! Love birds Valentine’s week begins from tomorrow. Even though you are single you can love yourself too. It’s me day for you.

Yippee!! I m single too. And love roses. It’s first day of the Valentine’s week rose day!!

Valentine week is the week when I see flowers, glow on faces, teddy, love!! There’s lot of love rush at the cafes. There is tension mounting on cute faces who are gonna propose her. And there is slight glow on her face just because of anticipation. Wow!!

Rose day!! You also know what it’s all about. Yellow roses, white one and red for love.

In India, there is ‘gajra’ garland which women tuck in the hairs. Sometimes their hubby’s get them one. Romantic!! So are roses,they melt the girl’s heart. Flowers create intimacy. Boys go at her with confidence and give. And girls you can show daring too, give rose to him.. What’s say?

So, gave a great rose day!! Let your love get deep just like rose colour goes deep as time flies by.. Girls don’t forget to keep that rose in the diary or a book πŸ˜‰. Do share with me…your rose day stories. .

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Tuesday talk#1


All well? Share with me

When anything is okay. Everything seems just perfect.When we are okay we keep on giving opinion to people. We try our best to be the cheerleader for someone else. But when it’s about us, making ourself feel okay, we shut down the self-cheering mode, don’t we? Having control on your behavior and the way you’re thinking is important feeling. When you are holding your life’s stirring in your hand, that sense of having everything in control is a great feeling. It helps you, when you have met the worst situations.

I know one thing when we are confused we need to believe ourselves more. Whatever we have learnt so far which includes stress management stuffs, being happy talks becomes garbage when we are sad or stressed . But actually, that’s the correct period to apply the tools. To overcome fears, to overcome challenges you just need to know how to keep yourself in a good state. And obviously we need someone who will believe in us doesn’t matter where they are. Just someone who believes can help us go and excel long way.

To beat up stress prefer spending time in good healthy atmosphere.

To be less anxious, meditation is always great.

Believe in yourself.

And yeah!! Everything is going to be fine!!

You feel like sharing anything with me. Please do.

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Take care…!